Our Bots

The following are brief examples of some of the bots we have built for our clients.


Nature of function: data validation and entry
Industry sector: banking

This Bot accesses the database of a web based purchase request system. It then validates the data and creates one of two types of purchase orders in the Purchasing Request Management System. 

Nature of function: data validation and reporting
Industry sector: insurance

This bot helps our client improve customer service and decrease response time. It opens the insurance claim list, validates address data, and sources incomplete data from online address sources before generating a report. The bot also identifies claims that need additional information, and creates a file of the information needed, which is then sent out.

Nature of function: accounts receivable invoice entry
Industry sector: education

The bot opens Outlook and downloads emails with attachments. It validates the data before opening the ERP, in this case JDE. If needed it creates a new customer record. The bot enters the invoice data into JDE and saves PDF invoices. Lastly, it sends out the invoices to the customers.

Nature of function: systems integration 
Industry sector: healthcare

This mission critical bot uses a set of clear business rules to update data in real time between two separate patient administration systems. It also carries out a number of checks and balances before generating a report that is emailed back to the team.

Nature of function: data extraction and reporting
Industry sector: retail

The Bot logs onto the ERP application and searches for the relevant file with remittance advices. The PDF file is downloaded and split up based on supplier. The bot then extracts supplier information and sends the file as an attachment to the supplier’s Accounts Receivable contact person.

Nature of function: reconciliation
Industry sector: education

The bot accesses the client’s Student Management System and their ERP and captures the relevant data. It performs a reconciliation of Accounts Receivable between the systems at individual student level and then emails a variation report to the Revenue Accounting team leader.

Nature of function: data extraction and reporting
Industry sector: retail

The bot opens up the core ERP application and extracts relevant stock data for around 80 stores. The data is manipulated and the bot produces a spreadsheet report for each individual store. Lastly, the bot emails each of the 80 stock reports as an attachment to the assigned store representative.

Nature of function: invoice and credit note processing
Industry sector: retail

This bot monitors incoming emails and opens them to check attachments. When an attachment is encountered that meets specific processing criteria, the bot saves a copy of the document to a document management system, scrapes that data of the document using OCR, creates an XML file and enters data into SAP through an EDI (Electronic data interchange) gateway.

Nature of function: reconciliation
Industry sector: government

The bot performs three reconciliations in the finance department. The first one is a bank reconciliation between SAP and the bank account. The second is a credit card reconciliation between the payment gateway provider and the bank. The third is a system reconciliation between a client web application and SAP. Each reconciliation looks to different data sources.

Nature of function: refund returned sales
Industry sector: merchandising

This bot processes refunds for in-store and on-line sales for a big box retailer. The bot obtains a list of refunds that need to be made to customers. It logs on as a user to the order management system and reverses the sale transaction. Then it logs onto the banking system and processes the payment to the customer, and afterwards it produces a set of reports outlining its activity.

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